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Dear Winter…

17 Feb

Oh Winter, you and I used to have so much fun together.

Dear Winter,

We need to talk.

We’ve been together for a few months now, and at first it was great! You were so cool and, it was really, really refreshing. Those quiet cold nights where we would watch the snow fall and blanket the entire world were so nice. You made me feel so warm and cozy, letting me curl up with a blanket and some hot cocoa for hours, all snuggly and content. I got to wear my favorite boots and all my cutest scarves. It was the best, and I really started to think that I never wanted you to leave.

But lately, Winter, something has changed about you. You’ve become frigidly cold and unforgiving. You are constantly in this stormy mood! Honestly, some days, I’m scared to leave my apartment, because I never know what sort of crazy gusts of rage you’re going to throw my way! You’re so unpredictable now. I wake up each morning, and I have no idea what stormy mood you’re going to be in. You’re just, you’re not letting me go anywhere, and I’m feeling very claustrophobic. Frankly, Winter, it’s scaring me.

If you don’t warm up soon and stop these stormy fits, well, I may just have to call it quits. It’s not me, Winter, it’s definitely, definitely you.


5 Reasons why winter makes you age

11 Feb
Is it bad I'm legitimately excited for Thursday?

Is it bad I’m legitimately excited for Thursday?

1. Staying in is suddenly so much more appealing than going out to the bar. I feel like a bit of a curmudgeon about it, but then again, I don’t really care. Guys, I think the last time I went out to the bar it was 50 degrees out. And even then, I’m pretty sure I was complaining about how chilly I was. But I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THIS FORECAST.

2. Napping. I just had one of those, “Oops I just fell asleep for two hours!” moments. Because, oops! I just fell asleep for two hours.


I bet you want a roommate that matches your decor now, huh?

3. Soup consumption. Eating nothing but soup for three months straight doesn’t sound gross or disgusting at all. It sounds good, appealing, fantastic even. Bring on the veggies! The potatoes! The cheese!

4. You’ll spend so much time inside your house or apartment, you will begin to get excited about the most menial things. Like vacuuming your rug, finishing a new crossword puzzle, mopping the salt out of your entryway, getting a letter in the mail, finding out your roommate matches your apartment decor, discovering that your streets have been plowed, and realizing your love for NPR. Wow. I just, I need to get out more.

5. Knitting. Today I knit two hats. Sorry, I am not sorry.

Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas from the Benson side of the family! It’s just me, my bro, and my cousins Megan and Ryan on that side of the family, and we’ve got a slew of pics of the 4 of us all opening our presents on Christmas. We all look so happy! Especially Ryan, the blonde one closest to the camera, with his eyes closed. Good one, Ry.


30 Nov

As if stepping into an elevator with someone else already in it isn’t awkward enough! That’s one cool cat, and he’s probably giving you the cold shoulder. Pahahaha.

Anywho, a facebook friend and fan sent me this video! There’s something strange in the elevator in McDonel hall!

Celebrate Good Times…come on.

22 Feb

It’s milestone time! I few important things have happened in the course of Everyday by Tay history today!

1. I officially bought the domain name to everydaybytay.com. It makes me feel very… legit (to use the words of Amanda Gatt.) This move was inspired by my dear friend Annie, who just recently bought her domain name. Her blog As Told By (a) Ginger is at Annie-Perry.com and is absolutely wonderful.

2. I’ve reached over 5,000 views on my page today! Thanks to all you who made that happen.

3. This isn’t a milestone, but if you’ve got the chance, please check out this HILARIOUS video filmed via the MSU Sideshow Sketch comedy show that I act for.

Anyway. That about sums it up for me tonight folks.



15 Feb

I’ve got a long to do list, and I’m currently falling asleep in class. This post has no point, but I felt it important to let you know that I’m currently reading my blog on how to stay awake in class to help me stay awake in this class.

I saw the cutest thing ever today…

26 Jan

and it kind of looked like this:

How freaking adorable is this?!

I was walking to class, cutting back behind the library and Wells hall here on campus, and I ran into this elderly man feeding the ducks with his grandson. (Okay, I know I’m making assumptions, but it makes sense!) The cutest part was that the ducks had completely surrounded the pair, begging for food. And the little boy was just loving it. Made my day.

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