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5 Reasons why winter makes you age

11 Feb
Is it bad I'm legitimately excited for Thursday?

Is it bad I’m legitimately excited for Thursday?

1. Staying in is suddenly so much more appealing than going out to the bar. I feel like a bit of a curmudgeon about it, but then again, I don’t really care. Guys, I think the last time I went out to the bar it was 50 degrees out. And even then, I’m pretty sure I was complaining about how chilly I was. But I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THIS FORECAST.

2. Napping. I just had one of those, “Oops I just fell asleep for two hours!” moments. Because, oops! I just fell asleep for two hours.


I bet you want a roommate that matches your decor now, huh?

3. Soup consumption. Eating nothing but soup for three months straight doesn’t sound gross or disgusting at all. It sounds good, appealing, fantastic even. Bring on the veggies! The potatoes! The cheese!

4. You’ll spend so much time inside your house or apartment, you will begin to get excited about the most menial things. Like vacuuming your rug, finishing a new crossword puzzle, mopping the salt out of your entryway, getting a letter in the mail, finding out your roommate matches your apartment decor, discovering that your streets have been plowed, and realizing your love for NPR. Wow. I just, I need to get out more.

5. Knitting. Today I knit two hats. Sorry, I am not sorry.


A lot can change in four years

26 Feb


People have told me that I’ve changed a lot in four years…you know, I really don’t see it…. (ha. hahaha. ha. ha. ha.)

Anyway (DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEE) here it is, the first of many posts reflecting on the fact that I have mere months left as a student at Michigan State University. I intend to keep this post short and sweet (I know, you’re all rolling your eyes and laughing at me right now) and share some important things that I have learned from each of my four years here as a student at MSU. 

Freshman year: Freshman year was such a big one for me, because going away to school was such a big deal. I’m a homebody, and freshman year I was homesick constantly. But what I learned is that it’s important to get involved, and find something that you love to do, where you are. I started a blog, I tried out for two a capella groups, Sideshow with the MSU telecasters, and the Spartan Brass–and those decisions helped shape who I am today. 

Sophomore year: Sophomore year, I learned that pushing your limits helps you to grow. That year I joined the Spartan Marching Band, I switched into a new major,  I reached out and landed a job as a social media intern for MSU, and I made a ton of new and wonderful friends. Unlike freshman year, (and even junior and senior) sophomore year was a breeze.

Junior year: I would say that junior year had tested me–and my boundaries– the most. Junior year I struggled, I stressed, and I lost myself a little bit. But I learned that if you take a step back, stand up for yourself, and do what you love, you’ll be able to find yourself again. I started playing the ukulele, I took a week and visited my grandparents in Florida, I started taking more walks and, I called my mom more. 

Senior year: While this year is not quite over yet, I’ve found that I have learned the most in these past few months. But the most valuable thing that I’ve found is that you can always find happiness. I mean, you can’t let EVERYTHING get you down! This year, I searched for (and landed!) a post-graduation job, found a place to live next year, and started looking for new cars… but being me, I still found reasons to freak out and dread my future post-college. So I thought about what I used to do that made me happy, and I started doing those things again. I’m beginning to take dance classes again, I’m blogging and writing in journals, taking more pictures, and reconnecting with old friends. I feel awesome, confident, and hopeful about whatever is to come. 

So if you find yourself feeling introspective, I suggest you take a look back on the last four years of your life–you may be surprised with what you find (and, what ugly face you can dig up from your photobooth archives, ha!)



Why I Fail at Mondays

14 Jan

It’s about 9:40am, I have a class in 40 minutes across campus in the Auditorium (1. Why I even decided that taking a class that was a half-hour walk away from my home was a good idea, I will never know) and it’s incredibly icy outside. So I, being myself, decide that it would be a stellar idea to drive my car to the end of my street, park it, and then walk from there–cutting at least 8 minutes off of my walking time. (2. That’s actually not such a bad idea.) However, I go to unlock my car, and the locking mechanism makes some gut-wrenching whirring noises, and grinds to a halt. I fiddle with the key-fob and put the actual car key into the lock. (3. How primitive, right?) However, the handle lies limp, and I’m locked out of my vehicle. (4. By this time, it’s about 10:00am, and I’m frustrated.)

So I do what I always do when I don’t know what to do–I call my mom. I’m frantically telling her that I broke my car, and I either have to go get it fixed or just buy a new one all together. (5. By this time in my life, my poor 12-year-old Honda had run into some major trouble more than a few times.) She tells me to go inside and boil some water to pour over the handle.

(6. Duh.)

In my frantic morning state, I completely disregarded that fact that, huh, MAYBE, just MAYBE the locks on my car had frozen overnight, and they were struggling to work through all the ice and the cold from last nights leftover precipitation. (7. Sometimes, I can be really thick.)

Well by this time, I’m beyond late for class, and I feel downright poopy. But I decide to spend my new-found free time wisely, by writing this blog. 

Happy Monday errybody! Have you ever had a sucky Monday? Please share–because misery loves company! 

How NOT to make Christmas Cookies

21 Dec
I'm clearly an expert

I’m clearly an expert

We all make Christmas cookies–or if you’re like me, you eat a lot of dough when you’re supposed to be making Christmas cookies, and then you never get good at making Christmas cookies. Like, ever.

So today, because we’re all snowed in and have been teetering on the edge of being without power up here in Lake Ann, Michigan, my mom and I decided to tackle the cookie baking. We really expanded our horizons this year, got a bag of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, the makings for our homemade butter cream frosting, and started to bake. Now I mentioned before, that I am NO GOOD at making cookies that look good–but that doesn’t mean that they don’t taste alright. So here’s a list of tips on how NOT to make Christmas Cookies.

1. Definitely do NOT forget to use flour. Especially if you’re trying to use cookie cutters to shape your cookies. You’ll end up with dough ALL over your hands. You’ll try to take a picture of your hands with your phone, and end up getting dough all over your phone, and decide that the only way to get it off is to, well, eat the dough. Which all together isn’t an awful problem, except for that moment when you realize that you’re sitting alone in your kitchen licking your phone. #notashamed.

It was an adventure!

It was an adventure!

2. Definitely do NOT eat all of the dough. No matter how much your five-year-old self wants you to. You’ll get sick (I once got food poisoning from eating too much dough, seriously!) AND you’ll end up with only 8 or 9 cookies. No I’m not kidding, this batch really only made that many cookies, and I’m really disappointed.

3. Definitely do NOT commit to making shaped cookies if you don’t have a rolling pin. Rolling pins are ESSENTIAL in flattening your dough-canvas in order to make cookies in pretty Christmas shapes. You may have to resort to, well, other measures in order to acquire something that you can use to roll out the dough. Like this very nice beer bottle that I, uh, found.

4. Definitely do NOT wear socks if you have spilled flour all over your wood floor. YOU WILL SLIP, possibly while carrying a cookie sheet full of ready-to-bake Christmas tree cookies. Also, it’s probably not best to cook while wearing one of your favorite sweaters. There was flour, FLOUR EVERYWHERE.

However, despite all of my cookie cooking mishaps, I managed to produce a fine (very small) batch of sugar cookie Christmas trees. What are your Christmas cookie baking tips? And for more blogs, go to everydaybytay.com!

5 things I wish I knew before turning 21.

18 Jul

To those of you who don’t know me personally, I recently celebrated my 21st birthday (in Las Vegas!) and I’m in the midst of discovering a whole new world of opportunities. And I found out that a) I was incredibly sheltered and naïve my whole life, or b) there’s a lot to learn before you cross that incredible age-barrier. I’d like to think it’s the latter, but realistically, it’s a solid mix of the two.

Well whatever. I’ve made a list of stuff that I wish I would’ve known before turning 21.

1. You may feel like an imposter. The first time I handed the cashier my card at a store, I felt like they were immediately going to reject it and call the cops. And I have a feeling it may take a little while before that anxiety rubs off.

I mean, I’m wearing a polka-dotted skirt for crying out loud.

2. If you look like me, you’ll always be carded. I look 16, or maybe even 17. But not 21. When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t even think that I look 21. I mean, I would even card me, so it’s not surprising that everyone else feels the same way. I feel bad for anyone who goes out and about with me– because I’m getting carded, you’re getting carded… we’re all getting carded! Sorry folks! Even on my birthday in Vegas at the casinos, where I’ve seen children playing the slots unnoticed, a woman approached me VERY skeptically, asked if I was 21 and demanded to see my ID. She seemed no more convinced after I showed it to her. Sigh.

3. You know what? Old people go to bars. I don’t know why I never realized this before. But it’s not just us college kids in our early-mid 20s that like to hang out at bars. ANYONE over 21 can go to a bar, a club, whatever. So there’s an incredibly wide-range of ages at any local bar, and that has the potential to make a night awkward. It’s weird. Professors go to bars. And Moms! And Dads! So watch out!

4. Cocktail menus are imaginary. As a young lady with absolutely no taste in any type of beer, I rely on cocktails if I want to have a drink while I’m out. Well, cocktail menus just don’t exist, folks. Or if they do, they’re few and far between. I’ve resorted to asking the waitress for “anything fruity” or “nothing with tequila,” “something better than beer,” or even, “just give me your favorite, I don’t care.” I am just NOT well-versed in available cocktails. So I have to do some research.

5. The bars are really expensive. I’ve only been out a few times, and my wallet is already pleading me to stop trying to pry any more cash out of its clutches. So if you’re out to get more relaxed than relaxed, go to Happy Hour, or find a rich friend, or win the lottery.

So, anybody got any questions? Tips? Anything? Let me know! And for more, check out everydaybytay.com!

5 reasons to unplug your afternoon

26 Jun

Yes, I understand the irony. I’m writing a digital post about getting away from the texts and the Facebook and the Internet. A post that I put up on the Internet and blast to my social media pages. Yeah whatever. That’s not the point.

The point is– I had a rough day today, and I made the executive decision to turn off my phone this afternoon/evening and “unplug” from the demands of the internet-world that I frequently live in—something my Dad has suggested I do, multiple times. So thanks Dad, it was the most relaxing evening I think I’ve ever had. And I’m going to tell you all why you should try and unplug more often.

  1. No distractions. This afternoon, I got to be 100% where I was. I wasn’t thinking about what to tweet or text or Facebook next. There was no phone buzzing in the distance during dinner to call me away. It was awesome. I got to talk to the people that were actually around me, not the ones that live in my phone.
  2. No anxieties. I always keep my phone figuratively tethered to my side. I fret about timely texting, saying the right thing in emails, and being 100% informed about everything all the time. All that worry was GONE the second I hit that power button.
  3. No battery loss. Seriously. This is the first time in ages I haven’t had to give my phone CPR by the end of the day. It still had 75% battery life by the late evening, when I turned it back on.
  4. No obligations. When your phone is off, you have an excuse. You don’t have to do anything. You didn’t get that text message, or that email, or see that Facebook post. You didn’t see anything except what’s beyond the screen.
  5. No noise.  No worries about being impolite during a conversation, a movie, or a performance. No worries about how loud your phone is or which apps are giving you what notifications and what noises they’re making. No worries about anything.

So, I dare you. Take a few hours and transform your phone from the smart wonderful thing it is into a simple lump of metal and plastic. Take the media out of social media, and just be social. Just for an afternoon. Try it, and let me know what you think.

Also: Props to K for going days without her phone, even if she didn’t really have a choice. I can last an afternoon or an evening, but never a few days. I’d be going crazy.  MAJOR props. You go girl.

The Four Facebook friends you will never delete.

21 Jun

I was scanning through my Facebook friends the other day, trying to do some routine maintenance.  And as my mouse hovered over the delete button of more than a few friends, I realized that there are some connections that I can’t possibly delete, and I don’t think that you can either. Take a look.

1. Your Mom. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to delete your mom. She’s pressured you to accept her request, and although she posts nothing but cat pictures and borderline-inappropriate comments on every single one of your statuses, you know that the wrath you would endure from deleting her is far worse than the wrath you’re currently enduring by having her as a friend. Oh and also because you love her and whatever yadda yadda yadda. I feel lucky, my mom doesn’t actually have a Facebook. However, that somehow doesn’t stop her from stalking my page.

2. Your high school crushes. Let’s be honest, you never did really get over them, did you? You can’t possibly delete them, because then you’d have to stop stalking their pages and getting way too excited when you see that they’ve broken up with their college girlfriends. Don’t lie, you know it’s true.

3. The train wrecks. Just how we somehow can’t stop watching Jersey Shore and the Real World, Teen Mom and American Idol (wait, that’s not a train wreck?) we can’t delete the extreme party-ers, the high school dropouts, and our local-Lindsay-Lohans. Whether it’s because we enjoy watching them fail, or because we’re secretly rooting for them to succeed, we can’t delete them. Trainwrecks are, tragically, too hard not to watch.

4. That One Kid from that one time. You know what I mean. We all have one. Maybe we met them at a party once, or maybe we had that one class together freshman year. We both know there was no real connection, but somehow we find ourselves stalking their vacation photos, learning the names of each one of their cats, and scanning through their profile pictures at least once a week. You wouldn’t dare write on their wall, or like any of their posts, but you can’t bring yourself to delete them, either.

However, no matter what, I seem to have no problem deleting any and every:

1. Walmart Wolverine. Seriously guys, I don’t need to read your unintelligent rants and raves about how your team (which you have no REAL allegiance to) is awesome and how they’re so much better than the Spartans and yadda yadda yadda. I respect the students on that Ann Arbor campus, really I do. But if you don’t go there, just don’t pretend like you do. Seriously. You’re nonsensical and I don’t need to see it. Like this post if you agree!

If there’s a particular friend that you can’t seem to delete, or one that you delete almost immediately, please share! And if you like my stuff, you can find more of it on everydaybytay.com! Like and comment and all that jazz.

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