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Why Valentines Day just…isn’t that bad.

14 Feb

Hi! My name is Taylor, I’m single, and I don’t hate Valentines day. I know I know I know, you can go ahead and take a minute to let this sink in. Calm down. Get your heart rate down to normal. I’ll wait.

Are you good? Good. I’ll move on.

I bet you wish you were this coordinated on Valentines Day.

I bet you wish you were this coordinated on Valentines Day.

I have always loved Valentines Day–whether or not I’ve had a date. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course having someone special and romantic to share V-day with is really awesome. It’s a great feeling! There’s candy and roses and cards with little glitter hearts on them. I mean, when you have someone special to share it with, what’s not to love?!

And I can totally understand the other side of it too. Valentines Day can seem really sucky when you feel alone and like you have no one to spend it with. I have definitely been there. It’s a day where everyone seems to be coupling up, and it can be a total bummer if you’re not one of them. But in life, attitude is important. So just, ya know, hear me out.

In my own personal experience, I know of roughly three different types of opinions towards Valentines Day. There is the “I have a date to share this day with, and isn’t Valentines just grand?” view, there is the “Oh gosh, everybody’s got somebody but me (cue the Hunter Hayes/Jason Mraz duet) and I’m sadly single and I’m just going to mope all day,” view, and then (bum ba da dahhh) there is the view that I have:

Seriously, what's NOT to love about these guys?

Seriously, what’s NOT to love about these guys?

In my opinion, Valentines Day is just about love. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic love, parent love, friend love, cat love, roommate love, or love for the bag of Dove chocolates sitting on your kitchen counter (and trust me, I have A LOT of love for the bag of Dove chocolates sitting on my counter right now.) When I was a kid, every year I woke up to a Valentines Day card and a giant Reese’s heart from my mom sitting on the staircase ledge outside my bedroom (and one year, she was even my secret admirer…er.) Mailed cards from my Nana and handwritten notes from my friends are some of my most cherished Valentines. In elementary school, I spent hours picking out the perfect perforated V-day cards to give out in class (Spongebob, FTW, duh!)  And I have about 4 pairs of Valentines-themed socks that I unashamedly wear all year round. That last one is not really relevant, but oh well! I just wanted to share.

Valentines Day is just a day to remind everyone who you love in your life, that you love them. That’s all. This year, I gave Valentines to my parents, my roommate, best friends, and yes, even my cat, Oz, got a Valentine. So spread the love! And Happy Valentines Day!

Also, if you’d like a laugh, check out Josh Groban’s take on Valentine’s Day here!


Better than Twitter

9 Jun

I found this awesome new social media site last week called Tout! And even though, in reality, it may not be BETTER than twitter, it can still hold a candle to the social media site, and shine relatively brightly. Here’s my video describing my social media feelings:

Also, keeping with the tone of my daily “last days of Teenage Tay” posts, here’s my realization for the day: Think before you speak. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long for this to sink in, but it’s something worth knowing.

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