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Dear Winter…

17 Feb

Oh Winter, you and I used to have so much fun together.

Dear Winter,

We need to talk.

We’ve been together for a few months now, and at first it was great! You were so cool and, it was really, really refreshing. Those quiet cold nights where we would watch the snow fall and blanket the entire world were so nice. You made me feel so warm and cozy, letting me curl up with a blanket and some hot cocoa for hours, all snuggly and content. I got to wear my favorite boots and all my cutest scarves. It was the best, and I really started to think that I never wanted you to leave.

But lately, Winter, something has changed about you. You’ve become frigidly cold and unforgiving. You are constantly in this stormy mood! Honestly, some days, I’m scared to leave my apartment, because I never know what sort of crazy gusts of rage you’re going to throw my way! You’re so unpredictable now. I wake up each morning, and I have no idea what stormy mood you’re going to be in. You’re just, you’re not letting me go anywhere, and I’m feeling very claustrophobic. Frankly, Winter, it’s scaring me.

If you don’t warm up soon and stop these stormy fits, well, I may just have to call it quits. It’s not me, Winter, it’s definitely, definitely you.


Why family game nights are highly under-rated

16 Feb

20140216-012056.jpgThis blog post is inspired by the very rare and very raucous Benson family game night that occurred tonight. We played “Masterpiece,” this art auction game from the 1970s, where you bid on art throughout the game, and who ever ends up with the most money and artwork value, wins! My mom used to play the game when she was a kid, and was really excited to show it to us. Now, I know that “family game nights” don’t always sound like the best way to spend a free Saturday night, but, just for kicks, I’ll give you five reasons why they are so highly underrated—

1. Think back on it, when is the last time that you and your family (parents, siblings, etc) all got together under one roof? I bet it’s been a really long time since you’ve all been together just for the sake of being together. And isn’t it great? Spending time with people who are just as weird and odd and fun as you are is really, truly refreshing.

2. It’s an excuse to drink wine and eat pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. We got Hungry Howie’s. I may have ate 8 breadsticks throughout the course of the evening. It may have happened.

3. You often laugh so hard that you start to cry. Whether it’s laughing over bad game choices, horribly executed poker faces, or just the ridiculousness of family rivalries, it’s certain that a family game night will always make you laugh so hard your belly aches and tears flow down your cheeks. I mean, unless you’re playing Monopoly. In that case, nobody’s happy, and someone is probably going to die.


4. For my family at least, it’s an opportunity to bring out old toys and photos between rounds in the game. Playing “Masterpiece” was a huge flashback for my mom, so, of course, she ran up to her closet and showed us some of the other toys she played with during her childhood. Meet “Little Miss No Name.” (See right.) Let’s just say…I may not be sleeping tonight.

5. In mere seconds, your family members become your worst enemies, and also, your best friends. In the end, spending time with family is what it’s all about. You get competitive. You laugh, you cry, you drink wine and you eat pizza. There is nothing more heartwarmingly weird than spending a night playing games with your family.

So you should do it more often.

5 Reasons why winter makes you age

11 Feb
Is it bad I'm legitimately excited for Thursday?

Is it bad I’m legitimately excited for Thursday?

1. Staying in is suddenly so much more appealing than going out to the bar. I feel like a bit of a curmudgeon about it, but then again, I don’t really care. Guys, I think the last time I went out to the bar it was 50 degrees out. And even then, I’m pretty sure I was complaining about how chilly I was. But I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THIS FORECAST.

2. Napping. I just had one of those, “Oops I just fell asleep for two hours!” moments. Because, oops! I just fell asleep for two hours.


I bet you want a roommate that matches your decor now, huh?

3. Soup consumption. Eating nothing but soup for three months straight doesn’t sound gross or disgusting at all. It sounds good, appealing, fantastic even. Bring on the veggies! The potatoes! The cheese!

4. You’ll spend so much time inside your house or apartment, you will begin to get excited about the most menial things. Like vacuuming your rug, finishing a new crossword puzzle, mopping the salt out of your entryway, getting a letter in the mail, finding out your roommate matches your apartment decor, discovering that your streets have been plowed, and realizing your love for NPR. Wow. I just, I need to get out more.

5. Knitting. Today I knit two hats. Sorry, I am not sorry.

5 ways I know that I am definitely NOT turning into my mother.

30 Jan

As we age, I’m sure we all start to see similarities between our parents and ourselves. But me? Pshhh. No! Never! I am nothing like my mother. And here’s why:


1. We definitely do not have the same fashion sense, let alone the same wardrobe. I mean, just look at the picture here to the left. Clearly my hair is parted on the opposite side, we are wearing shirts that are two totally different shades of gray, and my scarf is a COMPLETELY different pattern than her scarf. I mean, there is also no way that we are both wearing the exact same white denim vest underneath the scarf. That would and has never ever happened….

2. We do not like the same type of food. My mom and I go to Leo’s Coney Island for lunch about once a week or so. And every time she orders the same thing, and it’s just so gross– a Greek salad, with no chicken, and EXTRA beets. EXTRA beets? I mean, eew! Beets are gross. The Greek salad that I order every time has NO beets on it, and extra chicken. We are SO totally different. 

3. I do not like to dance like she likes to dance. When I was a kid, my mom used to sit me down in the living room, put on our Michael Jackson’s Number 1’s DVD, and make me watch her dance for hours on end. Now don’t get me wrong, it was totally entertaining, but in no way did it ever spur a love for ridiculous dancing in me. I mean, me, dance? Never! I have never ever danced around to Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” in the kitchen with my mom, laughing so hard our sides hurt and we forget why we were in the kitchen in the first place… I mean, no, that’s ridiculous! 

4. We do not have the same sense of humor. I did a “Looking Local” with my mom a few months back, and it was a total bomb. We just didn’t click, because she and I do not find the same things funny. I mean, the proof is HERE. Neither of us laugh at all during the whole video. 

5. COMPARE THESE TWO PICTURES. I mean, I just don’t see the similarities. We don’t even look related!Image

Well, I mean, in all serious, I guess being like my mom isn’t such a bad thing.

Happy Birthday, Mom! You’re like a great bottle of wine–you’re only getting better as you age. Love you! Also,go ahead, comment on this and wish my mom a Happy Birthday! I know she’d absolutely LOVE it. 


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Two girls and a Jet’s Pizza delivery man

15 Dec

‘Twas a night in December, and all through Royal Oak,

not a single street was plowed, the residents’ thought, “this must be a joke!”

Annie was reading in the apartment without a care

hoping that Taylor would soon, too be there.


The little cat Oz was snuggled in his bed

while visions of catnip danced round in his head.

And Taylor in her Chevy, was on her way back

from a long day of work, and needed a snack. 


When in the middle of the road lay a large pile of snow

Taylor tried to avoid it, but had nowhere else to go.

The wheels spun and they turned, but with no avail. 

She was stuck! She knew it! She let out a wail. 


The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow. 

And her tiny white Sonic that needed a tow. 

Was all you could see in the middle of the street. 

Wheels turning and sputtering, admitting defeat. 


With a quick little movement,  so desperate and scared.

Tay whipped out her phone, she needed someone there. 

More rapid than eagles, her fingers, they dialed.

And she whistled, and shouted, acting anything but mild.


“Now Justin! Now Sarah! Now Curtis! Now Annie!

Someone please help me and my poor freezing fanny!”

To the end of the street! To my poor little car!

Now dash away! Dash away! Please don’t be far! 


Annie threw on her boots, her mittens, her hat. 

zipped up her coat, said goodbye to the cat. 

So down the stairs and out the door she flew

she was the only one reached, she hoped she’d know what to do. 


And then, in a twinkling, Taylor saw from afar

the illuminated topper of a delivery car

As the car approached, the window rolled down

In the drivers seat sat a man with a sad concerned frown.


He was dressed in his uniform, the logo said Jet’s

He asked if they needed help, and Taylor cried, “Yes!”

The girls had been pushing, with no such luck

Could this mysterious man get Tay’s Sonic unstuck?


He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work. 

And pushed Tay’s Chevy from the snow with a jerk. 

And lifting his hand he gave them a wave

And walked away from the girls he did save.


He sprang to his car, with more pizzas on call

and away then he flew… well not flew, more like crawled

But they heard him exclaim, “Here have a free slice!”

Well, he didn’t say that, but it would have been nice….




Tay Sings Dead Sea by The Lumineers

4 Dec

Every once in awhile you just come across a song that simply makes you happy to play. There’s also a line about cats in this awesome song by the Lumineers, so of course, I just had to share it with you all.

I hope you enjoy! And if there is another song that you’d like me to learn, please leave me a comment or shoot me a tweet!
To see all of my ukulele covers, go here!


Looking Local: Hermann’s Bakery

24 Nov

I’ve walked past Hermann’s Bakery tons of times while bouncing around downtown Royal Oak. I’d heard great things about it, as per usual, however, because it’s only open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, I could never get to it before it closed. But this week, we booked it downtown in the pouring rain and made it just in time. And trust me, we were not disappointed.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m serious.

If you want to go somewhere where you’re instantly going to feel at home, go to Hermann’s Bakery. If you want to go somewhere where they make everything from scratch, go to Hermann’s Bakery. If you want to go somewhere where you’re going to be greeted by two lovely ladies who are more than willing to give you free samples, chat with you about the rich history of the bakery, and give you a heads up on when’s the best time to get what baked good, just go to Hermann’s Bakery.

It was just awesome. The prices are so reasonable, everything I tried there melted in my mouth, and I felt like I was transported back to my grandma’s kitchen–it was so dang homey!

It’s not often that you find a place like Hermann’s Bakery–a staple of classic metro-Detroit. Richard Hermann, the owner, bakes everything from scratch. It was his father’s bakery before it was his, and you can just feel the rich tradition and history seeping out of the walls of that place. I just loved it.

My advice: You have to go there. And try everything, and give those women hugs and smiles and love and all your money.

I’ve moved to a new place, and I’m looking local. If you have any suggestions for places I should try in the Detroit area, leave a comment, or give me a shout! You stay classy. For more, go to http://everydaybytay.com.

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