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Why family game nights are highly under-rated

16 Feb

20140216-012056.jpgThis blog post is inspired by the very rare and very raucous Benson family game night that occurred tonight. We played “Masterpiece,” this art auction game from the 1970s, where you bid on art throughout the game, and who ever ends up with the most money and artwork value, wins! My mom used to play the game when she was a kid, and was really excited to show it to us. Now, I know that “family game nights” don’t always sound like the best way to spend a free Saturday night, but, just for kicks, I’ll give you five reasons why they are so highly underrated—

1. Think back on it, when is the last time that you and your family (parents, siblings, etc) all got together under one roof? I bet it’s been a really long time since you’ve all been together just for the sake of being together. And isn’t it great? Spending time with people who are just as weird and odd and fun as you are is really, truly refreshing.

2. It’s an excuse to drink wine and eat pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. We got Hungry Howie’s. I may have ate 8 breadsticks throughout the course of the evening. It may have happened.

3. You often laugh so hard that you start to cry. Whether it’s laughing over bad game choices, horribly executed poker faces, or just the ridiculousness of family rivalries, it’s certain that a family game night will always make you laugh so hard your belly aches and tears flow down your cheeks. I mean, unless you’re playing Monopoly. In that case, nobody’s happy, and someone is probably going to die.


4. For my family at least, it’s an opportunity to bring out old toys and photos between rounds in the game. Playing “Masterpiece” was a huge flashback for my mom, so, of course, she ran up to her closet and showed us some of the other toys she played with during her childhood. Meet “Little Miss No Name.” (See right.) Let’s just say…I may not be sleeping tonight.

5. In mere seconds, your family members become your worst enemies, and also, your best friends. In the end, spending time with family is what it’s all about. You get competitive. You laugh, you cry, you drink wine and you eat pizza. There is nothing more heartwarmingly weird than spending a night playing games with your family.

So you should do it more often.

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