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5 Reasons why winter makes you age

11 Feb
Is it bad I'm legitimately excited for Thursday?

Is it bad I’m legitimately excited for Thursday?

1. Staying in is suddenly so much more appealing than going out to the bar. I feel like a bit of a curmudgeon about it, but then again, I don’t really care. Guys, I think the last time I went out to the bar it was 50 degrees out. And even then, I’m pretty sure I was complaining about how chilly I was. But I mean, seriously. LOOK AT THIS FORECAST.

2. Napping. I just had one of those, “Oops I just fell asleep for two hours!” moments. Because, oops! I just fell asleep for two hours.


I bet you want a roommate that matches your decor now, huh?

3. Soup consumption. Eating nothing but soup for three months straight doesn’t sound gross or disgusting at all. It sounds good, appealing, fantastic even. Bring on the veggies! The potatoes! The cheese!

4. You’ll spend so much time inside your house or apartment, you will begin to get excited about the most menial things. Like vacuuming your rug, finishing a new crossword puzzle, mopping the salt out of your entryway, getting a letter in the mail, finding out your roommate matches your apartment decor, discovering that your streets have been plowed, and realizing your love for NPR. Wow. I just, I need to get out more.

5. Knitting. Today I knit two hats. Sorry, I am not sorry.


Why I Never Drive to Class

4 Oct

I think I’m running out of forms of transportation here. I can’t drive to class, can’t bike to class…Maybe I could employ someone to carry to me my 8ams every Tuesday? Ha.

So, today is the first day that I consciously decided to drive to class (all other days I’ve been in a total rush, and have had to grab my keys and book it in my car last minute.) Last night, I packed all the spare change that I had in a little baggy and stuck it in the pocket of my coat. I was so excited.

So this morning I got up, and drove to class. No problems there (except my tired mind had to turn around 3 times because apparently I forgot how to get to Harrison from Beal.) Struggle. City.

Well I get to the parking structure behind the Comm. Arts building, and I’m super excited, like I said before, to use my baggy of spare change to get like, 3 hours out of this thing (I have a 2 hour long class, and I like to stay after and work on stuff.) So I’m putting the quarters in, and it’s going up (12 mins, 24 mins, 36, mins, etc) and I’m thinking I’ve got tons of time, I’ve got so much spare change left.

I basically looked like this.

And then the meter reaches 1 hour 43 minutes. And it just stops. The meter continues to take my change, but it doesn’t show up on the little screen. And what do I do? I KEEP PUTTING CHANGE IN THERE, UNTIL MY LITTLE BAGGY IS EMPTY. And NONE of it counted. Why did I do that? Why didn’t I just stop?! I have no. freaking. idea.

So I’m stuck in a 2 hour long class, with empty pockets, and a meter that read 1 hour 43 minutes when I left it.

I’m doomed.

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