Four reasons summer just needs to get here already

27 Apr

Okay, I know. I know. The blog is called “Every Day by Tay” and the last time I posted anything was in February. Well here I come, trodding back to my almost long-forgotten blog with my tail between my legs. Womp womp.

Anyway! The good news is, is that we are months closer to summer than we were when I last updated this dear ole blog. So to brighten things up a bit, here’s a list of four reasons why summer just needs to come over, sit, have a drink, and stay awhile.


1. Driving with the windows down. Come on now, I know you breathed a sigh of pure relief and joy when you read that. You totally just imagined going for a long drive, blaring your playlist of guilty-pleasure country songs, rolling down your windows and letting that warm summer breeze waft in. I mean, sometimes this thought alone can get me through the day.

2. Ice cream. Ice cream is cool, but it’s definitely not the number one reason that I’m looking forward to summer. I mean, summer, for me, is definitely not just an excuse to eat my weight in mint chocolate chip. Definitely not…


Nothing says stylin’ like your very own cut-off cat shirt.

3. Traverse City. I don’t know where you’re from. I don’t know what your summer plans are. But I do know that you need to drop everything you’re doing, and just visit Traverse City this summer. I mean, as a kid who spent every summer on the beaches of the Grand Traverse Bay, and laying out on the hammock at our lake house up there,  it’s possible that I’m a little bit biased. But regardless, you just, you need to go. There are cherries! And movies! And Moomer’s Ice Cream!

4. This outfit. As soon as we hit our first 85 degree day, I promise you all, I am whipping out this outfit. That cat shirt and those patriotic shorts have been hibernating all winter and they just need to come out. I mean, COME ON. Look at them. Ow. Ow.



2 Responses to “Four reasons summer just needs to get here already”

  1. Karen Aldridge April 28, 2014 at 3:04 pm #

    Thank you for writing that. I love the part about TC and Moomers. Now about that outfit ????

    • Everyday By Tay April 28, 2014 at 11:33 pm #

      Haha, you are very welcome!
      And you know you secretly think my galaxy cat shirt is cool, hahahaha. 🙂

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